The clients that we serve in the Healthcare and Information Technology Industries are in various settings and environments. Our professionals we service have the opportunity to explore new and rewarding career opportunities.   LotusThree Representatives have experience in Human Resource Solutions in the industries of Healthcare, Information Technology, and Marketing.  LotusThree Logistic Strategy Program is designed to give Professionals and Organizations an on Demand approach to their careers and supply chain management strategies.

A message from our customers in Therapy

Dan Director of Physical Therapy,
The Therapist we hired that LotusThree provided has succeeded our expectations 

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Sadeghi, CEO

We have used LotusThree for Many of our Internal Medicine Physicians Hiring needs and they have always delivered  Physician who stay with our organization 

Dan, Director Of Therapy

Our team is  thankful for the Level of support LotusThree has provided over the years

Dr. Kans, President

We are pleased with the  People LotusThree has Placed with our company

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